There have been many times in my life that I’ve said I wanted to write a book. Starting from about fourteen I would make up characters, plots and take notes or ideas down in a notebook. I even started a few books many times in my life, to recently get bitten by the bug again. Earlier this year I began a doomsday/apocalyptic young adult novel I have tentatively titled The Fallout. Time will tell if the title will stay or not. 🙂

A few months ago, after a short lull in writing The Fallout, I began a fantasy/historical erotic novel and I have never had an experience like I have writing this book! I am well into it now and it’s been very encouraging. I even have a timeline and series planned! It is titled Warrioress and it is set in Scotland in the 1400’s. I am totally in love with my hero and heroine and have decided to share an excerpt from the very beginning:

She bathed in the lochan in the cloudless night, the moon hitting her nude body and sending refracted light dancing about her it was so full and low. The slight confusion still muddled her thoughts as it always did after observing moon rituals. The water gleamed and sparkled and the leaves of the surrounding trees and shrubs reflected a silver glow from the moonlight. The world appeared a land of mysticism and magic on this warm, clear night. Hearing a sudden snapping of twigs from the woods and the sound of footfalls, she turned her head slightly towards the direction the noises came from and soon he appeared in the clearing. She disliked him intensely on sight. She took a half dozen paces towards the shore behind her lifting her out of the water to her thighs.
“You don’t flee for a maiden who bathes, why not?”
His head cocked slightly to the side as he took in the musical voice, imperious tone and sight of the enchanting creature before him in the water. For the barest instant she had all the appearance of a hunted doe before she calmed her features. She was sure to be a maid, but stood proudly letting the water bead off her overlarge breasts, down her flat belly, into the shadowed apex between her legs and slide down her slender thighs to rejoin with the water she stood in, her hair swirling around her legs. He felt his mouth go dry and he hardened immediately. She wore a complex cascading choker of luminescent oval moonstones set in silver and a matching filet held back the thick hair from her exquisite face. She seemed to be glowing and glittering in the moonlight. He wondered for a moment if he had come across the path of some fairy queen…but that was ridiculous!
“Is there reason I should flee from ye, sweetling? For I swear ye hae captivated me!”
He shook his head, he was clearly befuddled. She smiled, her spells cast about to help protect her solitude have worked their magic every time she used them.
“My laird, I must insist you leave and forget what you saw here this night.”
His brows furrowed and he seemed to be fighting her words. How was that possible? He fought the battle in his head and she took him in. It was dark and shadowed where he stood but she could see that his hair was long, dark and somewhat wild, many curls had escaped the leather strip holding it back, his well muscled body was more than exposed since he was wearing only his kilt, boots, bow and a sword…
“Nae, lady. I have other ideas.”
He started towards her determinedly. She went into a panic. What was going on? How did she lose control of this man? And just who was he? She stood her ground and kept her face serene. Her mind flashed to her weapons on shore behind her with her clothing and it screamed out the danger from the approaching man. Something on his chest flashed and her expertise noted it was an amulet made of precious gemstones.
“I will have ye!”
He reached the water, waded in and took her into his arms.

Warrioress is currently at a word count of 30K+ and once my kids are back in school (Monday!) I should really be getting somewhere. I started this blog to post about my writing journey and share the progress of these novels.


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